Error restoring state from URL when Opening Dashboards


Since I updated from 6.8.0 to 7.16,3 always get this error " Error restoring state from URL Unable to completely restore the URL, be sure to use the share functionality." when opening any Dashboard. BUT dashboard information is shown ok.


Full error shows:

r@https://[HERE IS MY IP]/46336/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:59352
I@https://[HERE IS MY IP]/46336/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:59570
w@https://[HERE IS MY IP]/46336/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:60269
B/<@https://[HERE IS MY IP]/46336/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:61484
B@https://[HERE IS MY IP]/46336/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:61460
V@https://[HERE IS MY IP]/46336/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:61584
get@https://[HERE IS MY IP]/46336/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:64827
de@https://[HERE IS MY IP]/46336/bundles/plugin/dashboard/kibana/dashboard.chunk.1.js:1:88656
@https://[HERE IS MY IP]/46336/bundles/plugin/dashboard/kibana/dashboard.chunk.1.js:1:108930
Ke/</<@https://[HERE IS MY IP]/46336/bundles/plugin/dashboard/kibana/dashboard.chunk.1.js:1:110052

Is this a known issue?
Does someone knows how to solve it? I can't find any information.

Thank you so much

Hi! Sorry to insist.. but.. does anyone knows anything about this issue?


A lot has changed from 6.8 to 7.16,3. The urls may simple not work in 7.16.3. Can you try recreating the URLs in the new version?

Hi Nathan,

What I do is to login into Kibana, then click in Dashboards and I see a list of all my dashboards. Then click on it and I get the error, I don't access from outside using shared urls.

Please can you instruct me on how to recreate de URLs?

Some Dashboards have a link to another dashboard or to return (for those I used shared url) but not all, and this error is shown on all of my dashboards:

Thanks so much

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