Error running Spring Boot Application in IntelliJ IDEA after adding dependencies

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I'm trying to index documents from a Spring Boot application to a local Elasticsearch Docker container using the these gradle dependencies.

However, with these dependencies i cannot run my application. My IntelliJ IDEA Event Log returns the following error:
Error running 'MyBackendApplication': Command line is too long. Shorten command line for MyBackendApplication or also for Spring Boot default configuration.

After some googeling, i have tried to select a different option in my run configuration, but this is no valid solution since for some reason it takes several minutes for the application to start when i select something else.

Why is this happening, and how do i solve this issue?

Edit: Using Windows 10

(Matija Bruncic) #2

I don't think that this question is ES specific but I'll try to help you.
Can you share command line arguments from IDEA output?

(Jordy Swinnen) #3

Do you mean "Program arguments:" in Run/Debug config? I have none.

Apologies if this is wrong location to ask, but adding either of the EC dependencies listed above will make me unable to run my application. So i thought it was okay to ask here.

(Matija Bruncic) #4

you should check Run window, something like this:

(Jordy Swinnen) #5

When running without said dependencies, no arguments occur.

When adding Elastic dependencies, there's no run window available. The error occurs in event log. Can not run application.

(Matija Bruncic) #6

That's ok, now what you need to do is to click on the first line where ":\Program Files" is and to check what you have in that command. I suppose that your command line is too long

(Jordy Swinnen) #7

After further investigation it seems to be something caused by Apache Tika and unrelated to ES after all. i flagged this question for it to be closed. Apologies

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