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I have a little problem that I can not solve for a while.

I have a field: date: 20180612-2357 in string.
I wanted to convert this field to date. I did like this (see the code after) but unfortunately, he converted it but it is less than two hours. I have a timezone problem.

	locale => "fr" 
	match => ["date", "YYYYMMdd-HHmm", "yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss +0200"]
	timezone => "Europe/Paris"
	target => "@timestamp_new"
	#timezone => "UTC"			

I am in Paris / Europe.
I do not know the good timezone

Thank you


The Elastic stack always stores dates in UTC. If your timestamps are in Europe/Paris then you should expect them to appear to be two hours earlier in elasticsearch. If you are using Kibana to visualize data then that will (by default) convert them back into the timezone used by the browser.

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