Error : Too many open file in elasticsearch

Hi, i m newbie in elasticsearch and i have some question. Please help me . Thanks you :x

Im trying create more connect to one node elasticsearch. And when i create number of connection 91. it error :"too many open file in elasticsearch". i use transport to create connect to elasticsearch Server.

I trying google search and do some suggest, advise but nothing effect .
My "max_file_descriptors": 4096. With command curl localhost:9200/_nodes/process?pretty
max_file_descriptors never change with anything i do :frowning:

Anybody know how to fix it ? Thanks for your help

P/s : when i create one more node , in port 9301 ( old node in port 9300) and try create more connect in server elasticsearch . It error in connection 61? Why ? More node is less file can open ??

Thanks you