Error: unrecognized arguments: refresh_interval: -1

getting below error while benchmarking with geonames track
esrally: error: unrecognized arguments: refresh_interval: -1}}

esrally race --offline --track-params=number_of_shards:${ES_NO_OF_SHARDS} --track-params=number_of_replicas:${ES_NO_OF_REPLICAS} --track-params=ingest_percentage:${ES_INGEST_PERCENTAGE}  --track-params=bulk_size:${ES_BULKSIZE} --track-params=bulk_indexing_clients:${ES_BULK_INDEXING_CLIENT} --track-params={"index_settings":{ "refresh_interval": ${ES_REFRESH_INTERVAL}}} --track-path=/rally/.rally/benchmarks/tracks/default/${ES_RALLY_RACE} --pipeline=benchmark-only --target-hosts=${ELASTIC_EP} ${ES_TESTMODE} --client-options ${CLIENT_OPTIONS} --report-format=csv

is it correct way to use refresh_interval in cli for geonames.

--track-params={"index_settings":{ "refresh_interval": ${ES_REFRESH_INTERVAL}}}

How to use refresh_interval in index_setting through esrally cli?

I was passing this param as json it was working well but with cli its throwing error. I want to pass it through CLI . Kindly help

Hello Amit,

geonames allows index settings to be overridden as you have discovered. Configuring the index_settings track parameter overrides the default index settings applied in the track. If you want to set refresh_interval, then you will need to configure all index settings using the full path to the setting:

--track-params='{"index_settings":{ "index.refresh_interval": '${ES_REFRESH_INTERVAL}',"index.number_of_shards": '${ES_NO_OF_SHARDS}',"index.number_of_replicas": '${ES_NO_OF_REPLICAS}'}, "ingest_percentage": 1}'

In addition, each designation of --track-params on the command line overrides the previous. Be sure to set all desired parameters in a single flag. It is recommended to put all parameters in a single .json file, and reference the file in --track-params instead to make things cleaner.

Hi json,

Thankyou for your reply.

I have this param json

    "number_of_shards": 20,
    "number_of_replicas": 0,
    "ingest_percentage": 100,
    "bulk_size": 10000,
    "bulk_indexing_clients": 8,
    "index_settings": { "refresh_interval":-1 }

I am trying to use the cli as am passing variable to the parameter. i moved to cli. as json is not taking the variable as value. I am running on kubernetes.

Is this correct way to represent above json in cli?

"bulk_size":'${ES_BULKSIZE}',"bulk_indexing_clients":'${ES_BULK_INDEXING_CLIENT}',"index_settings": { "index.refresh_interval":'${ES_REFRESH_INTERVAL}' }}'

Is there any way to pass kuberenetes env variable as value in param json?

Hi Amit,

You will want to pass parameters similarly to how I've specified in Error: unrecognized arguments: refresh_interval: -1 - #4 by json where all index settings are included in the index_settings section of your JSON, including number_of_shards and number_of_replicas.

You wouldn't be able to do this directly in param.json without a shell script to assemble the file first; i.e., the JSON needs to be complete and valid before Rally can use it.

Thankyou json

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