Error when installing a template in ES

when i run the flowwing command: curl -XPUT localhost:9200/_template/blueliv -d @template.json
it give me an error
is there any oher command to instal template in ES 6

What error does it give? What does the template look like?

I experienced, that PUT _search/template endpoint is not supported anymore in ES 6.5
instead, I'm using PUT _scripts endpoint:

curl -XPUT localhost:9200/_scripts/blueliv -d @template.json

What type of template are you uploading?

i am uploading the blueliv template using this tutorial:

I think, mappings contains more types (which is not allowed in ES 6.+)
They suggest to use master branch for ES 6.3 with compatible code:

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thank you, so based on this tutorial thatr you provided i will use the command :
curl -XPUT localhost:9200/_scripts/blueliv -d @template.json
Or the command
curl -XPUT localhost:9200/_template/blueliv -d @template.json

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