Error when recovering snapshot

I created a snapshot with curl from 1 cluster. When I try to recover a snapshot with curl on another cluster, 2nd Cluster cannot allocate all indices. Cluster 1 has 2 nodes, cluster 2 has 1 node. I have a file "snap-hb19TYAWQ1SFZvTzd-2AkA.dat" in snapshot folder. With cmd "_cluster/allocation/explain" I can see a problem. How to solve it?

nested: IndexShardRestoreFailedException[failed to restore snapshot [05_01_24/hb19TYAWQ1SFZvTzd-2AkA]]; 
nested: SnapshotMissingException[[my_repo:05_01_24/hb19TYAWQ1SFZvTzd-2AkA] is missing]; 
nested: NoSuchFileException[blob object [snap-hb19TYAWQ1SFZvTzd-2AkA.dat] not found]; 
- manually close or delete the index [tasklist-task-8.2.3_2023-11-30] in order to retry to restore the snapshot again or use the reroute API to force the allocation of an empty primary shard


If the snapshot is complete and the file is present in the repository, there might be an issue with the second cluster's access to the repository. Make sure that the second cluster has the correct permissions to read from the repository and that the repository is correctly configured in the second cluster.


everything is OK with 2nd cluster repo, it is url type, i can see a snapshot in repo

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