Error when using multi pipeline config

I have this error when I try to run multi pipeline config
"ERROR: Failed to read pipelines yaml file. Location: C:/elk/logstash/config/pipelines.yml"
And this is the content of my pipelines.yml

  • sharepoint
    pipeline.workers: 1
    pipeline.batch.size: 1
    path.config: "C:\elk\logstash\bin\config_sharepoint.json"
  • beats
    pipeline.workers: 1
    pipeline.batch.size: 1
    path.config: "C:\elk\logstash\bin\config.json"

Are there any other lines indicating permissions issues? I am not an expert on Windows filesystem permissions, but generally when a file can't be read, checking permissions is a good place to start.

How are you launching Logstash? Is it getting launched as its own service user (and if so, does that user have permission to read the file)? Are there any other log lines that could be relevant?

When I launch logstash as a service, it return "Skipping following files ... since not match specified glob pattern" including my first file config that showed in pipeline.yml with sharepoint. It means the first one config file is not read but the second one is good. Therefore, I try to run logstash by command line as admin then Error is appeared

What command did you run?

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Just .\logstash

And when I skipped the multi pipeline, I used multi config with "-f".
.\logstash -f "C:\elk\logstash\config"
Error as well

Multipipeline doesn't like drive letters in the path, not sure what that means for boxes with multiple drives but try the below, it should work and yes, use forward slashes.

path.config: "/elk/logstash/bin/config_sharepoint.json"

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That sounds like a bug; would you mind filing a ticket on the GitHub project since you know more about it than me?

Indeed it does, although a search of issues on GitHub shows an existing ticket open from about a year and a half ago regarding drive letters being capitalized which may still be the case. OP, would you mind trying without a capitalized drive letter, see if it works then?

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Looks like this is a separate issue. I was just going through some testing on something else and tried this out, still does not like it with a drive letter, even when it's not capitalized. I've submitted a ticket to GitHub, detailing the findings.

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