Error while saving an advanced ML job

Hello all!

I'm getting an error while saving a new 'advanced' ML job (see attached images).
I did not modify datafeed or JSON, just tried to add the detector with low_varp function over AZ field.
I tried including over_field_name as a partition by "antenna", or adding same field in "partition_field_name".
None of those ways saves ok.

Could you please comment what is the correct way to understand the meaning of those fields?
Are these attached images enough for you to help me getting into this issue?

Thank you!

Hi Leandro,

The error is due to a mapping clash in the index where the job results are stored. By default the results from all jobs are stored in a single shared index named .ml-anomalies-shared, and that index already has a mapping for the field antenna (created by a previous job) which is different to the new mapping. Maybe previously antenna was a nested object and now is a text field.

The solution is simple: when you create the job check the Use dedicated index box and the results will be saved in a new index without any existing mappings.

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ok, I will try that.

Thanks, David.

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