Error while trying to Install elasticsearch on Azure as self service


I am trying to install the elasticserach as self service in Azure portal.
Using the following link:

After configuring all needed in the installation template ,and pass validation, I press the create and after few minutes got error.
I asked the Azure support on the error and they told me to ask you because it's used your template.

adding picture from the Azure portal with the error:

Thanks in advanced,

Hi @tal.paz, the error looks similar to The root cause is that there can be a race condition in updating the elastic built-in user password as part of the deployment process.

This issue has been addressed in and merged into the master branch on the GitHub repository. A submission has been made to Microsoft to approve the new version for the Azure Marketplace, and once approved, will contain the fix, in addition to being able to deploy Elastic Stack 7.10.0.

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thanks Russ,
will contact microsoft support to know when this will be merged to them

Hi Russ,

I contacted Microsoft and got the following response,
Can you help me to understand if there is any ETA for it ?

Thanks in advance,

The answer:

I'm working with Microsoft to address - No ETA to report I'm afraid; we'd like to get it released as soon as possible.

Do we have any other option to install the template in Azure without using the marketplace?
Can I install the ELK manually with good manuall ?

ื‘ืชืืจื™ืš ื™ื•ื ื‘ืณ, 21 ื‘ื“ืฆืžืณ 2020, 1:40, ืžืืช Russ Cam via Discuss the Elastic Stack โ€<>:

Hi Russ,
will be glad to hear from you regarding the below,

@tal.paz I'm still working with Microsoft to address. Once the release has been approved and published to the Marketplace, a release will be created in the GitHub repository:

I would recommend subscribing to receive notifications about releases on the repository, to be informed when the new release goes out.

thank you Russ.

Can you give me the commit number or the title to locate the relevant bug ? for what should I wait ?

thanks in advance

You can subscribe to release notifications, clicking Watch -> Custom, checking Releases


and clicking Apply.

A release will be created when the new template goes live on the Azure Marketplace.

ok great. and what should be the title of it ?

It'll be the release tag 7.10.0

@tal.paz The new version of the solution template has now been released to the Azure Marketplace.

great. Thank you for the update!

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