Error with dates in logstash 6.7 and Oracle database

I have an error message when running a .conf script that contains a connection to an oracle database using jdbc and slq_last_value (3). The date format setting differs between database (1) and what is shown by logstash (2).
In some forums I have seen that they change the format of the date using alter session set nls_date_format = 'DD-MM-YYY' -for example-but it does not work in the filter parameter of the jdbc filter.
I hope you can guide me with the problem I am having

In your Oracle database, what is the value of NLS_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT?

Hi Bagder,

Actually you explicitly set the mask, so the default will not matter. Is it possible you have a row with a DT field that is 20202805, so that it is looking for month 28?

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