Errors attemping to compile filebeat 6.3 in AIX with bullfreeware gccgo


I'm trying to compile filebeat 6.3 on AIX.

I have faced a few error which I have been able to solve searching over the net but I got a few ones about I cannot find anything.

The environment:
I'm running AIX 7.1 with the following go related packages:

  • gcc-go-8.3.0-1.ppc
  • libgo-8.3.0-1.ppc
  • libgo-devel-8.3.0-1.ppc

The GOROOT variable its pointing to /opt/freeware/lib/go/8.3.0/powerpc-ibm-aix7.1.0.0/go

When I try to make from filebeat directory either with make or with go build I have the following errors:

../vendor/ error: reference to undefined field or method 'Lock'
  if err = file.Lock(true, true); err == nil {
../vendor/ error: use of undefined type 'osFileState'
  state osFileState
../vendor/ error: argument 1 has incompatible type (missing method 'Lock')
   f, err = openWith(file, opts)

I also have:

    ../vendor/ error: reference to undefined identifier 'isatty.IsTerminal'
       (!isatty.IsTerminal(os.Stdout.Fd()) && !isatty.IsCygwinTerminal(os.Stdout.Fd()))

But about this one I read in the following post that this error is from tests for windows so I'm just ignoring it.

Does anyone know what is happening?

Should I try to compile another version or its a issue with the compiler?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.


The issue seems to happen when attemping to compile filebeat 6.3 with go 1.10.

I have downloaded Filebeat 6.2 and now the only error I got is the one cited at where @pierhugues says that its a dependency defined by their test helpers.

Anyone know how to solve this one? In the post he says nothing about.

Thank you in advance

Well I was able to pass the test after modify some code

I modified the line of the ../vendor/ which caused the issue to:

        NoColor = false

This solved the issue.. but seems that I'm having now another one so I get the following error:

../libbeat/cmd/keystore.go:193:23: error: reference to undefined identifier 'terminal.ReadPassword'
keyValue, err = tml.ReadPassword(int(syscall.Stdin))

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