Errors ingesting elasticsearch audit due to mapping of request.method

We're getting errors like this:

"Could not dynamically add mapping for field [request.method]. Existing mapping for [elasticsearch.audit.request] must be of type object but found [keyword]."

It look like it's attempting to create a field elasticsearch.audit.request.method, but there is a keyword field in the filebeat-6.7.1 template for elasticsearch.audit.request as a keyword.

There is a section of code in the ingest pipeline filebeat-6.7.1-elasticsearch-audit-pipeline-json that looks like it should handle this:

    "dot_expander" : {
      "field" : "request.method",
      "path" : "elasticsearch.audit"
    "rename" : {
      "if" : "ctx.elasticsearch.audit?.request?.method != null",
      "field" : "elasticsearch.audit.request.method",
      "target_field" : "elasticsearch.audit.request_method"

Any idea why the rename isn't working? Or what else could be causing the problem?

All components are 6.7.1.


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