ES 1.4.2 random node disconnect


I am having trouble for some while. I am getting random node disconnects
and I cannot explain why.
There is no increase in traffic ( search or index ) when this is happening
, it feels so random to me .
I first thought it could be the aws cloud plugin so I removed it and used
unicast and pointed directly to my nodes IPs but that didn't seem to be the
problem .
I changed the type of instances, now m3.2xlarge, added more instances, made
so much modifications in ES yml config and still nothing .
Changed java oracle from 1.7 to 1.8 , changed CMS collector to G1GC and
still nothing .

I am out of ideas ... how can I get more info on what is going on ?

Here are the logs I can see from master node and the data node

Current config:

6 m3.x2large, 1 master, 5 data nodes.
414 indices, index/day
7372 shards. 9 shards, 1 replica per index
208 million documents, 430 GB
15 gb heap size allocated per node
ES 1.4.2

Current yml config here :

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