ES 1.4.4 GC graph and filter evictions


I have 2 problems:

  1. Look at the attached heap mem graph. Is this Ok? I am worried about why the GC is so active. I have not seen significant performance degradation in query times though. Getting 20 - 50 ms query results. 6.5 million docs.

  2. I have around 1000 filter cache eviction per second. Is this causing the GC to be overly active?

  1. Not a problem, that is what you want to see as it uses and then collects heap. If it went up and never down that would be bad.
  2. Yes a problem! You may want to look at your queries and see what can be done.

hi @debayan I also meet this problem. gc rate is very high while filter eviction is high. Have you found the reason or some solution for this problem?

This thread is quite old. Please open a new thread for your query and provide some additional detail.