ES 1.7.1 - Node health chcks

Hello, We have a ES cluster using very old version of Elasticsearch 1.7.1. We are hosting it using EC2. We had a data node failure caused by EBS impairment. This failure was not detected as node failure by the data node and master node. This cluster sees high ingestion rate, is it possible that master node was backed up by pending tasks but it did not repair for over 60 mins (I'm not fairly experienced with ES to know about the pending_tasks or hot_threads API so missed capturing that info). Does anybody have information about what kind of health checks does that version of ES do? OR pointers to where I can check to find this information?

Note: We have already migrated to another solution and have to maintain this version for brief period of time before decommisioning.

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1.X is well past EOL and no longer supported.

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