ES 1.7.3 Elasticsearch java client significant terms aggregation unknown values

Hello, Elasticsearch Community!

Out team currently on way of migration legacy project from Elasticsearch v1.7.3 to v7.8.0. It's in most part written in Scala, so along with this we would like to replace Java client : org.elasticsearch - elasticsearch - 1.7.3 - Maven Repository: org.elasticsearch » elasticsearch » 1.7.3

And during the work, we found peace of code we very uncertain about, something like:

SignificantTerms.Bucket bucket = //fethced significant terms;

so we did not find what getSupersetDf, getSubsetSize and getSupersetSize stands for at all. In ES 1.7.3. documentation for significant terms aggregation: Significant Terms Aggregation | Elasticsearch Reference [1.7] | Elastic
Present only doc_count, bg_count and score per bucket. What is those methods stands for - we can only guess. One of our suggestions that getSupersetDf is same value as bg_count, but again main problem - there is no direct mapping between values in Java client and Elastic documentation.

Could you help us, please?


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