[ES 2.4] cluster ignores docker-compose variables

Hey there,
Is it possible to set environment variables using docker-compose on Elasticsearch 2.4.4?
I am trying to set cluster-name with classic method

   - cluster-name=test

but the cluster is ignoring it.
I tried also to set the ES_JAVA_HEAP and it seems to be only appended to executed command.

This method is is obviously working with ES 6.x or ES 7.x.
I am not understanding if there is any limit on ES 2.4 usage.

Hi @rschirin can you help us understand what you mean by usage limits?

2.4 is very well past EOL and is no longer supported. Is there a reason you are using it?

Oh yes, I mean is there any limit regards the docker-compose usage for that ES version.

Yes, I am trying to migrate (ES mechanism not ES data ) to a newer version so I need to do some tests

Is it possible to find all the variables that could be usable?

Hi @rschirin

Really I think you are just going to need to plow through the docs and download the distribution, frankly we don't focus on releases that old.

A quick look at the elasticsearch.yml ... looks like there is only about 15 settings total...

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