ES 5.1 and Local transport for embedded node

With the warning that this feels like a bit of a hack, it does work. This is the way I do "integration" tests in one of my projects. I do have some issues with running the unit tests without doing a clean before the test start.

public abstract class ElasticTestCase {
    private static Node node = null;

    public static void setupOnce() throws NodeValidationException {
        Settings settings = Settings.builder()
                .put("path.home", "target/elasticsearch")
                .put("transport.type", "local")
                .put("http.enabled", true)

        Collection plugins = Collections.singletonList(Netty4Plugin.class);
        node = new PluginConfigurableNode(settings, plugins).start();

    public static void teardownOnce() throws IOException {

    private static class PluginConfigurableNode extends Node {
        PluginConfigurableNode(Settings settings, Collection<Class<? extends Plugin>> classpathPlugins) {
            super(InternalSettingsPreparer.prepareEnvironment(settings, null), classpathPlugins);