ES 5.1 Server Nodes - SSD vs CEPH

I have read the latest post reagaring this subject, but stil got a question about it, because here is the offers I got for a new server:

Server 1:
2 vCores
2,4 GHz
8 GB de RAM
RAID 10 local


Server 2:
1 vCore
2.4 GHz
25 GB
High Availability (Ceph)

  1. We should not ever use Ceph in a node? Why?

  2. If we can use Ceph, what would be the better, a server with SSD or with Ceph?

And one last question...

Would Elasticsearch recomend using docker to create new nodes, Kibana etc in the same server?

We can not afford to have another server at the moment, so we will get 1 server to run the ES nodes.

Thanks for any reply on that.

CEPH is distributed storage, ES is a distributed system.
Running a distributed system on a distributed FS is asking for latency problems.

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That's definitely something we see a lot of.

Thanks @warkolm!

I will get the ssd then with large RAM and put it on live soon.

But the way, I am using docker for the last 8 month in development enviornment and it seems pretty stable. I will get it done in production as well, any further comments I will post here to keep track of it.

Really appreciate your comment.

Happy New Year!

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