ES 5.6.8 Bulk Update Api Error: _id must not be empty

Any idea why even though _id is present, unless I am not spotting something obvious.
{"update":{"_index":"test","_type":"doc","_id":"cat friskie"}}
{"doc":{"weight":1.0,"term":"cat friskie"},"doc_as_upsert":true,"scripted_upsert":false}


        "_id":"cat friskie",
           "reason":"if _id is specified it must not be empty"

The similar one below is working fine.

{"update":{"_index":"test","_type":"doc","_id":"cat liter"}}
{"doc":{"weight":3.0,"term":"cat liter"},"doc_as_upsert":true,"scripted_upsert":false}

        "_id":"cat liter",


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