ES 6.2.1 Switching node attributes

Hi Team,

I would like to confirm one doubt with you with regards to changing an attribute of an existing elasticsearch node.

Just as an example, say I have a cluster with 3 nodes. And 2 nodes have the attribute of "hot" and one has the attribute of "cold".

And as the values suggest, those 2 hot nodes currently store hot/new data, and the cold node currently stores some old/cold data.

What would happen (or is it normal/advisable) if I change one "hot" node's attribute to "cold" so that now I have 1 "hot" node and 2 "cold" ones? Would that cause any issues?

My assumption is that all that's gonna happen is that the shards from the original "hot" node which is now "cold" will be moved to the remaining "hot" one, and some shards from the original "cold" one will be redistributed over to the new "cold" one.


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