ES 6.8.2 Search slow when response payload > 1 MB

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has encountered this error.

Upgraded from 6.5.2 to 6.8.2 and noticed our queries were running slow.

Using insomnia to test Elasticsearch I was running some queries and noticed that when the response content was > 1MB, the query would take about 5s.

I reduced the fields using

"_source": { "excludes": [ "campaigns", "suggestor" ] },

to significantly reduce the payload and now my queries take about 237ms.

I'm on AWS using a T3.small server.

This is probably a misconfiguration somewhere as nothing else has changed. Is there something blatantly obvious that I'm missing.


I'd like to mention that that exact same query on the 6.5.2 ES cluster is about 200ms even if the response payload > 1 MB. (2.4MB in this case)

T3 instances have very limited CPU which means processing large queries can starve the instance if cup resources which can delay things. I would recommend using a m5 instead.

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