Es 7.0.0 use ssl can't connect with sql

the error is

[es@xxxx elasticsearch-7]$ ./bin/elasticsearch-sql-cli https://elastic:Axxxx@xxxxx:19200
WARNING: sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerClass is not supported. This will impact performance.
ERROR: Cannot communicate with the server https://elastic:xxxx@xxxxx:19200. This version of CLI only works with Elasticsearch version v7.0.0 [b7e28a7]

the es log is

[2019-05-24T10:31:40,046][WARN ][o.e.x.s.t.n.SecurityNetty4HttpServerTransport] [node-1] http client did not trust this server's certificate, closing connection Netty4HttpChannel{localAddress=, remoteAddress=/xxxxx:35242}

like this need import cert into java
(PS: ES7 use openjdk12 under es directory)

need copy the file jssecacerts in to jdk directory $ESHOME/jdk/lib/security/jssecacerts

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