ES Cluster Name in different AWS Data Center


I have a ES Cluster with name "log_cluster" in Singapore AWS DC.
Now I want to bring new ES Cluster on Ireland DC and this should run independent of Singapore DC.

IF I give same ES cluster name "log_cluster" to Ireland DC will it form a group with Singapore DC ? (Assume both DC are reachable)

Do I need to give different cluster name to work ES Cluster independently?

Appreciate your help.


What version are you on?

1.X it may, 2.X it won't.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I am on version 2.1.0

Does it mean same cluster name in different DC wont form a group?

Not unless you list the other clusters nodes in unicasts hosts.

But you are probably better off using a different cluster name, make it region specific.

Thanks a lot.