ES consumes 100% CPU, why?

(Sunil Chaudhari) #1

I am running elasticsearch on 8 GB RHEL Rmachine.
I have 70GB partition /elasticsearch where data files are stored. recently I have changed file /etc/sysconfig/elasticsearch to allocate 3gb memory to ES_HEAP_SIZE. Also I changed values for number of shards and replicas.

When I start ES, it takes lot of time and consumes 100% CPU. Can anybody guess what is the reason? Where can I dig into?


(Mark Walkom) #2

Look at the logs, it could be GC, also look at slow log to see what it has.

(Otis Gospodnetić) #3

Hi Sunil,

Maybe SPM for Elasticsearch or Marvel will point out what is going on? If not, you could try jstacking a few times or running with the profiler.


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