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I just started Creating & Deleting indices with Curator.

I would like to create the indices of the next month but when i'm doing this in my action file :

       name: '<toto-{now/M+1M}>'

If i take the current date : YYYY.MM.dd, we are : 2018-03-15

Curator create indices with this date : 2018-04-01

i would like this to be : 2018-04-15

I'm a newbie in curator so if anyone could explain how it works, this could be great :slight_smile:

Regards, Ben

This is just a wild guess...

Your /M will return only whole months. Kind of which month are you in, which is 3. 3+1 = 4.

The index is created for the start of the 4th month.

Just +1M should add one month to now.


Thanks for your quick reply,

I tried what you tell me before, but i got a syntax error, i'm maybe wrong in the configuration file :slight_smile:


Return a syntax error (+) is unknown

'unit [+] not supported for date math [/+1M]'

So i delete the "+" but index is created at this date :2018-03-01

Maybe you know what kind of mistake i'v make.

Did you try <'toto-{now+1M}>'? Still haven't looked at documentation so also a guess...

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Thanks a lot ! You were right that was that <toto-{now+1M}>

Thanks for helping me dude !

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