ES fails to start with error index has more than one write index

There was an ES cluster which was running for a while but suddenly docker got restarted and all nodes started to fail with below error:

"stacktrace": ["org.elasticsearch.bootstrap.StartupException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: alias [my-extension-2019.09-write] has more than one write index [my-extension-2019.09-000011,my-extension-2019.09-000017]",

Anyway I can clean up the same or start the cluster.. Also as this does not have an ID otherwise I could have deleted that particular folder from data/nodes/0/indices..

Would be great of someone can help on same.

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(Apologies for the original lack of response.)

For future note when searched, this is now answered in the blog Troubleshooting ILM blog with the direct summary quote:

When you run Get Aliases, you’ll notice that two indices are marked as is_write_index:true when only one should be per alias. You’ll want to toggle is_write_index:false on one of the indices via the Aliases API.