ES fell down and it can't get up

(Brian Dunbar) #1

New ES admin. Setup my server. Shoved some data into it. Installed Shield. Uninstalled Shield. Restarted elasticsearch and that fails and poops into the log ..

Primary shard is not active or isn't assigned is a known node 


Can't recovery from node [node details] with [indices.recovery.compress : true] due to compression bugs -  see issue #7210 for details

I don't care a lot about the data - I can read it back in from log files. I do care about what happened and how to fix it.


(Mark Walkom) #2

Take a look at and see if that helps.

Otherwise if you just want to start fresh, curl -X DELETE localhost:9200/* will remove all your indices and you can ingest things again.

(Brian Dunbar) #3

Thanks - I'm leaning to the 'start over again' option.

(Brian Dunbar) #4

The problem is old nodes with this setting enabled would use the old buggy code, which can then cause data copied between and old and new node to become corrupted.

Ah. I had installed 1.4 (following an guide published last year by Digital Ocean) then upgraded to 1.6. Guessing d the install/uninstall of shield triggered the problem in 1710?

(system) #5