Es-hadoop question 7.6.2

I am trying to Index data (parent child relation). data is sent using Spark

PUT test_tree
"fam_details": {
"danfamily":[ "comfamily", "enterfamily" ],

1. Data inserted in from Spark2 using esHadoop and mapping for
## Parent insert

esconf[""] = "uniqueid"
**esconf["es.mapping.join"] = "fam_details" , /*  also tried danfamily  */**

## Child insert
esconf[""] = "uniqueid of child"
**esconf["es.mapping.join"] = "comfamily"**
**esconf["es.mapping.routing"] = "uniqueid" (same field as parent)**

I am able to insert data from spark. I am able to search data

but no data when i query using has_parent, has_child queries

Note :  Unable to use   es.mapping.parent   property in 7.6.2 

Can anyone let me know ,the correct  settings bthat needs to be passed for parent and child documents for esconfigurations above ?

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