ES hadoop spark connector having a issue with nested json org.elasticsearch.hadoop.EsHadoopIllegalStateException: Position for '' not found in row; typically this is caused by a mapping inconsistency

Not able to read the data...

Hi @Kuldeep_Pal. What version of es-hadoop are you using? I'm guessing that the problem is that es-hadoop does not currently support dots (.) in field names. Newer versions of es-hadoop (8.2.0 and above) give a better error message about this -- Documenting that we do not support dots in field names by masseyke · Pull Request #1900 · elastic/elasticsearch-hadoop · GitHub. There is an open ticket about supporting dots at Dots in field names exception · Issue #853 · elastic/elasticsearch-hadoop · GitHub.

So there is no way I can use the nested json or read the data from elastic? This is still open issue for newest version also , right?

Nested fields are fine. The problem is with non-nested field names that actually have a . in their name. Can you post the mapping, data, and spark code to reproduce this?

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