ES high heap memory issue over a couple of nodes

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We have one of the clusters over which we see high heap usages around 80% levels over a couple of nodes. The cluster has around 10 nodes in total, but heap is seen high only on couple of nodes. All the nodes have a total RAM of 64G and heap set to 30G levels. The total shard count over these nodes is in between 700-750 shards, which lies within the recommended 25 shards per 1GB heap.

What could be the reasons for such high heap?

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What does the nodes stats API give for the nodes with high heap usage?

Please also note that the 25 shards per GB of heap is a guideline about the maximum, but not necessarily recommended, value. Depending on your mappings and shard size, the optimal count for your use case may very well be lower.

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Majority of the shards are under 50G, but there are a few just above 50G mark. Also within an index, on average there are 200-250 fields.

Which particular stats from nodes stats will be helpful here?

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