Es highlevel client do bulk operations java.lang. IllegalStateException happened

ref url in github:

CentOS7, Java 8, SpringBoot, Maven, ES highlevel jar
Elasticsearch 6.7 which was running in docker on OSS service

this is a data handler node which need to do some scheduled data sync jobs, which i will load some data from mysql and do some data handlings then bulk insert into target index in ES

I was build a single singleton es client with the application starting

try {
String template = "%s:%s";
HttpHost[] httpHosts =",")).parallel().map(x -> {
esHttpAddress.add(String.format(template, x, ES_HTTP_PORT));
return new HttpHost(x, ES_HTTP_PORT, "http");

RestClientBuilder builder = RestClient.builder(httpHosts)
                .setRequestConfigCallback((RequestConfig.Builder requestConfigBuilder) ->

        restHighLevelClient = new RestHighLevelClient(builder);

        bulkProcessor = BulkProcessor.builder((request, bulkListener) -> 
                        restHighLevelClient.bulkAsync(request, COMMON_OPTIONS, bulkListener),
                .setBulkSize(new ByteSizeValue(ES_BULK_SIZE, ByteSizeUnit.MB))
                .setBackoffPolicy(BackoffPolicy.constantBackoff(TimeValue.timeValueSeconds(1L), 3))
    } catch (Exception e) {
        String errMsg = "Error happened when we init ES transport client" + e;
        throw new MainServiceException(ResultEnum.ES_CLIENT_INIT);

and then, every data saving operations will be done by
bulkProcessor.add((DocWriteRequest) request);

but when i start the data sync jobs, java.lang.IllegalStateException happens which announced that the exception happened for I/O STOPPED

does it means that the bulkProcessor or restHighLevelClient has an up-to limit on requests, and it will close the connection when the requests' number is too much here?

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Also what are the values of all the constants?

cheers dadoonet, i just fix the format of my comment.

sorry for that

Also what are the values of all the constants?

the related constants ref:


the ports of ES are default as 9200/9300

Am I reading this correctly in that you have configured the max bulk size to be 5000 MB, which is greater than the 100 MB limit imposed by the server by default?? The recommended max bulk size is a few MB, so I would recommend changing that (if I read that correctly).

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yeah, u r correct, i set the bulk size as 5000MB for now, but for the bulk submit, there will be another effective parameter as well
I thought the flush time range will make the bulk submitted in every 10 seconds which the data my service added will not able to reach to 5000MB.

And I will decrease the bulk size as well then, thanks bro

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