ES Index Insert-Update Issues

We have an index which updated every 5th minutes and at that 5th min the same index is updated six times for different sets of columns.We are using upsert to update and insert, if the value is not present. We also have _id value, based on which the operation takes place. We also have default/null mapping for the fields. Data Inserted per hour max is 24k

Our issue is that sometimes the values are not getting updated for some set of columns and this is taken place at totally random times. When we re-insert the missing data at some different time, the operation is successful.

We have seen that it has not been the case of data volume since more number of values are getting loaded without any issues. We also could confirm that data was not updated by any other operation, as we have null mappings and all these values have the null mappings. We also had logs for insert, general errors and so far we don't have any errors logged.

How should we approach this issue from here on?

Turn up the logging level on your application, Elasticsearch will send back a response for the data that appears to have not been changed, which will tell you what's happening.

Thanks. Will try it out

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