ES - Index/Shard Recovery/ CorruptIndexException - footer mismatch

(Mehmet Cem Güntürkün) #1

Hey everyone,

I have a problem about shards of nodes. After I restarted ES, it started to
given an exception on recovery for some shards of the a node.

curl -XGET "http:/localhost:9200/_cat/shards

my_index 2 p STARTED 7712779 4.2gb ip-1 Motormouth
my_index 2 r STARTED 7712779 4.2gb ip-2 Harold "Happy" Hogan
my_index 0 p STARTED 7714351 4.1gb ip-2 Harold "Happy" Hogan
my_index 0 r UNASSIGNED
my_index 3 p STARTED 7711363 4.6gb ip-1 Motormouth
my_index 3 r STARTED 7711363 4.6gb ip-2 Harold "Happy" Hogan
my_index 1 p STARTED 7712560 4.2gb ip-2 Harold "Happy" Hogan
my_index 1 r UNASSIGNED
my_index 4 p STARTED 7714620 2.7gb ip-1 Motormouth
my_index 4 r STARTED 7714620 2.7gb ip-2 Harold "Happy" Hogan

It seems that except shards: 0 and 1, all primary shards allocated by
"Motormouth". Now I try to allocate replicas for these shards in
"Motormouth" but it gives an error likes this:

Corrupted index [corrupted_3gXTXI3KQtm2e1WPsFntkg] caused by:
CorruptIndexException[codec footer mismatch: actual footer=1308690703 vs
expected footer=-1071082520


Do you have any idea?

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Were you able to recover from this scenario?

(Mehmet Cem Güntürkün) #3

I had reindexed whole data, but I think they merged a fix for that situation:
you can check this issue:

(system) #4