ES Java Bulk Timeout Error

I'm trying to index docs in bulk for some reason I keep getting a timeout exception. However when I try to index a single document, it works perfectly.

Here's the code for indexing a single document

Reader reader = new StringReader(jsonString);
IndexRequest<JsonData> request = IndexRequest.of(i -> i.index(indexName).withJson(reader));
        esClient.index(request).whenComplete((response, exception) ->
            if (exception != null)
                System.out.println("Exception = " + exception);

Here's the code for BulkRequests

BulkRequest.Builder builder = new BulkRequest.Builder();
builder.timeout(Time.of(time -> time.time("2m")));

JsonpMapper jsonpMapper = logManager.getMapper();
JsonProvider jsonProvider = jsonpMapper.jsonProvider();

for (EsLog log: logs) {
           String logJson;
           try {
                logJson = mapper.writeValueAsString(log);
            } catch (JsonProcessingException e) {
                logJson = "{}";
            Reader reader = new StringReader(logJson);
                    op -> op.index(
                            idx -> idx.index(indexName)
                                    .document(JsonData.from(jsonProvider.createParser(reader), jsonpMapper))

        esClient.bulk(, exception) -> {
            if (exception != null) {
                System.out.println("Exception : " + exception.getMessage());
            } else {
                for (BulkResponseItem res: bulkResponse.items()) {

I had some errors using the POJO, so I followed the solution from here for bulk requests

The code to index a single document works properly but the bulk index code throws a timeout exception.

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