ES performance when bulk create and GET in the same time

(Natalia Kuleniuk) #1

I have general question about ES.

(1) I run program that creates a bunch of new ES documents in the same time (Program runs for ~1.5 min and creates thousands of documents).

(2) In the same time, another program tries to query same ES index to get some aggregations.
Can (1) affect performance of (2)? I noticed that sometimes program (2) has latency spikes. 10 sec instead of avg 3. And noticed that last time that happened when program (1) has run.

I’m trying to determine why we have those latency spikes and what may be the solution to this problem

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Indexing and querying share the same resources, so can naturally affect each other.

(system) #3

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