ES service is using more memory than the set Xmx (Java heap) that i set it and does not go back down

Hi everyone,

Es version that we are using is 2.5

The set up of the ES search service is ES_JAVA_OPTS="-Xms1g -Xmx1g" and having bootstrap.mlockall: true on a windows server just hosting ES service. The window server box itself has 8gb of memory overall.

We are doing load testing on search and see how the ES service could cope with the load. The load is we have 125 concurrent search requests hitting the ES service. We notice the memory starting to increase and gone beyond the 1GB that we told ES search could have, after 30 minutes gone ES service uses all 8GB of the box.

Open inspection using resource monitor in the windows server i could see the memory usage for ES is (Private 1,686MB, which it should be only 1GB ) as well as Shareable KB is 5,392 KB.

My question is why it does not honour the 1GB limit that we set it?
And is it normal to have such a high Shareable memory being used by ES?


Kiet Tran

It does, that is not JVM memory but is handled by the OS.

Hi thanks for the response,

Is this normal for it to have very high shareable memory usage by ES?

How could we configure our index or ES for it to use less?


Kiet Tran

Shareable refers to pages of memory that are shared with other processes (for example, pages of system DLLs). There's nothing wrong with this being high, your system has these pages mapped anyway.

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