ES support for spark 3.0.0


In ES-hadoop github i see this MR
Would like to knw when this gonna be merge into main branch.

Shashank Jain

As a rule we can't commit to specific dates for specific features - our people work on multiple projects at once and have to balance a lot of feature requests. That's an open source project - if you can help resolve the conflict blocking the PR from being merged, please do. Further testing of the PR and a comment indicating it works for you will reassure the maintainers that the PR is stable, increasing the chance it'll be merged.

For a bit less of your effort but still helping us to prioritise: Add a :+1: github reaction emoji to the first post of the pull request, indicating you'd benefit from it. If you really need this version bump support PR, make a short comment and explain your use case in 2-3 sentences, that'll also help.

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