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I am trying to do an partial update on the document for 7 different process. i have been getting version control conflict. Is there a way where ES supports transactions so that there is no data loss. I do not want to proceed with conflicts setting in index and tried with retry_on_conflicts as well. Wanted to understand is there is better way of handing this where ES handles this case without loss of data.

What's wrong with retry_on_conflicts?

Thanks for the response. Nothing wrong with retry_on_conflicts, its just that when there is failure with next retry also then the update fails and leads to data loss. Want to avoid this so is there any other way to do this which ensures the update without any conflict.

I think you need to catch this in your code and manage the error.

You could also use a Kafka queue in the middle so you can guarantee somehow the execution order of the changes but that will make your architecture a bit more complex I guess.

Thank you for the response. So this means ES does not have the concept of transactions ? I did try to find documentation for this but could not find. Could you please share the document like where it says no support of transactions. So the I could understand better. Document like would be really helpful.

Correct. Elasticsearch does not have support for transactions.

There is none as far as I know. Why would there be documentation around which features are NOT supported?

It seems a simple Google search finds several articles that describe that transactions are not supported and suggests ways around this.

Thank you for the response.

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