ES translogs & best practices

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We are evaluating option to keep the translogs in either RAMDISK or the

  1. Is there any way we can specify the translog to dedicated directory (I
    couldn't find any...)

We have 100s of indexes that get generated, so its difficult to if we use
RAM disk option mount to a directory (mount -t ramfs ram /mnt/ram)
a job to create symlinks to each newly created directory & copying to mount
could be one option...

  1. . Does anyone has done so & measured the impact?.
    Most of the data that we measured translogs are in MBs,
  2. Value for index.translog.flush_threshold
    We don;t have stringent requirement for real time updates (we were OK with
    delay in the order of minutes to available for search), with that
    background what is the better value to use.(default is 5000) , with 10000
    we did not see any noticeable change with ingesting about ~20GB of data.
    (Indexing time or timeouts)

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