ES two node cluster doubt

If there is two node with two different ip in ES cluster setup then the indexing request will go to only master node and the data will be indexed to master node and not in the other node?

If yes then how the other node gets the indexed data?

No, the master node is normally not involved in indexing at all. The data is indexed into the primary and all replicas. Perhaps this section of the docs is helpful?

Okay thanks for the info.. One last doubt,
Without mentioning the other host nodes ip in in elasticsearch.yml file is there any other option so that the node will be joined and form a cluster?

I'm not quite sure how to answer this yet. Can you explain why you need another option?

We are using the following java class in our project downloaded from open source ES code repository.

This file has the code which I believe picking up the hosts from /etc/hosts in Linux and automatically joining the nodes..It was working till ES5.5. We didn't need to mention the other nodes ip in . But we have upgraded to 6.5 and we noticed in the ES source code repo, that java file is no longer available so we deleted that java file in our project as well.

Now nodes are not joining cluster unless we mention the other nodes ip in

Any idea about this file ?

I don't understand. This class is part of Elasticsearch and is not suitable for use in other projects.

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