ES5.5 got red, and no way to find out which node got error

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HI,I was using ES5.5, with hot-warn architecture, now he got red,:

curl xxxx:9400/_cat/nodes just block for a long time and no way to find out which node GOT out of memory.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Are you not using the default 9200 port for the Elasticsearch HTTP interface?

(John_ax) #3

no,the http port is 9400.
I also got this:

[2017-09-04T18:13:16,395][ERROR][o.e.x.w.e.ExecutionService] [BrSJ2NM] failed to update watch record [dBSYPniQQfmLC89qwijyLg_elasticsearch_cluster_status_bb6644d9-6233-4d2a-9e90-67ec5e19e17a-2017-09-04T10:12:46.308Z]

what's that mean ,and how to fix this?
the x-pack monitor data is gone after I restart all the warm nodes and increase the JVM memory to 30GB. the master log telling:

[2017-09-04T18:24:16,759][DEBUG][o.e.a.a.i.m.p.TransportPutMappingAction] [BrSJ2NM] failed to put mappings on indices [[[.watcher-history-3-2017.09.04/EOVPwPpuRIeJnUTfXfmWNw]]], type [watch_record]

maybe I should delete the watcher?
I think ES should figure out how to improve the maintenance system since the JVM out of memory is inevitable.

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