ES5.5 NodeClient State out of sync

We are migrating a plugin from 2.4 to 5.5 and are experiencing a difference in the NodeClient provided during initialization. Our plugin is given reference to a NodeClient in the Plugin#createComponents which is used in subsequent document retrievals. When I try to retrieve a document from and index created after the plugin is initialized, the client is unable to find the document. I know the document exists, however, as I can make a REST call and retrieve it. It's like the NodeClient state is out of sync though I am unable to discover what settings would make a difference. setRefresh and setRealtime seem to make no difference. Should NodeClients provided to plugins be able to retrieve cluster data without needing other intervention? Are there additional settings we are missing?

do you wait until the index is recovered and visible? ie. wait for yellow state with an index on a cluster health call?

I should have responded with my findings. This behavior was only seen with one specific index for which a dependent library intentionally masked the response for security reasons. I incorrectly assumed this behavior existed for all indices.

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