Escape pipe \ Vertical Operator (|) in Ingress Pipeline for grok processor

I want to process logs separated by pipe '|' operator in an ingress pipeline using grok. How can I ignore this character in the pattern?
Log data:

PUT /combined/_doc/1?pipeline=pipeline_combined_logs
    "service": "ise7085|19524"


        "grok": {
          "field": "service",
          "patterns": "%{DATA:user}\|%{DATA:pid}"

Above pattern throw error

"Unrecognized character escape '|' 


You need to use a double backslash

      "patterns": "%{DATA:user}\\|%{DATA:pid}"

@val I tried your suggestion but it parses only user and pid field has no value now.

Try INT instead of DATA

Thanks @val .. it worked.

Cool, glad it helped!

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