Escape single quotes in URL field

I am trying to create a URL field which redirects to a different dashboard. The values in this field have the following format: 'Application': Create (notice the single quotes). The problem is that when the link redirects, it looks like this: query:''Application':%20Create' and, obviously, it doesn't work becuase of the single quotes.
If I filter directly in the dashboard, I notice that the single quotes are escaped by exclamation marks:
My question is: how can I define the URL field so that so that it redirects correctly to my dashboard? I tried adding double quotes to {{value}} in the URL template field but it didn't do the trick:


Hey @thenotoriousciu, I am guessing you're using a URL drilldown here?

If so, it seems like we should probably provide an option to URI encode the values in a URL drilldown for this type of use-case. I will look into that.

In the meantime, is there any particular reason you're using a URL drilldown to redirect to a dashboard? We also have a dashboard drilldown which can apply filters based on the value you select without you having to write it into a url.

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