ESET File Security Quarantined .dim Files

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I have set up a local Elasticsearch instance with two nodes. I have Logstash sending documents every 15 minutes. Today one of our IT members warned me that there are some "viruses" on the Windows server I was given. When I checked 8 .dim files in the indices of one of the nodes have been identified as "a variant of leronim.512 virus". I have searched for a similar post on the discussion forums but it seems like there aren't any topics related with ESET. Below is a screenshot from the virus protection.

Has anyone seen a similar behaviour?


Edit: I know they are not viruses. Hence, I used quotation marks.

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This is a file that lucene creates, it's not a virus.


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Thanks for the reference @warkolm. I understand and knew they are not viruses. I think I did not phrase my question clearly. I was just wondering why ESET is marking them as viruses and if anyone came across a similar situation.

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You'd have to ask the vendor of the product.

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