EsHadoopInvalidRequest - error while getting data from ES

Hi. I have a problem with getting data from elasticsearch, but I have no idea what is the reason. This is error from logfile:

17/06/06 03:00:10 ERROR ApplicationMaster: User class threw exception: [GET] on [data_abc_20170508/data/_search] failed; server[localhost:9200] returned [503|Service Unavailable:] [GET] on [data_abc_20170508/data/_search] failed; server[localhost:9200] returned [503|Service Unavailable:]

Index "data_abc_20170508" exists. Maybe the reason is that I do a snapshot of index (and save data to HDFS), but it is not index "data_abc_20170508". Does anyone know this issue and can give me advice what is the reason?

Ok, I think I know what is the reason. To do snapshot I have to open index which was closed. While I open old index my search on "data_abc_*" give me this error, because shards are not allocated yet for old index.

Is it possible to open old index (for example "data_abc_20170501") and search "data_abc_*" at the same time?

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