ESM tool migration

I have couple questions about migration, can't find the information nowhere.

  • When the migration is in progress do I need to stop read write to my old cluster?

  • When the migration is done I can just connect to that new cluster and continue using it?
    I mean all the indexes will be in place and new writing will be continuing to the same (new) indexes?

  • Can I stop the migration progress any time? can it somehow damage my old cluster/indexes?
    Thank for the help.

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Can you clarify what ESM is?

Sorry with all those questions I forgot to mention it.

It's an Elasticsearch Migration Tool.

Elasticsearch cross version data migration.

Cross version Elasticsearch data migration with ESM](Dec 3rd, 2020: [EN] Cross version Elasticsearch data migration with ESM)


  • Cross version migration supported
  • Overwrite index name
  • Copy index settings and mapping
  • Support http basic auth
  • Support dump index to local file
  • Support loading index from local file
  • Support http proxy
  • Support sliced scroll ( Elasticsearch 5.0 +)
  • Support run in background
  • Generate testing data by randomize the source document id
  • Support rename filed name
  • Support unify document type name
  • Support specify which _source fields to return from source
  • Support specify query string query to filter the data source
  • Support rename source fields while do bulk indexing
  • Load generating with


That tool is written and maintained by an ex-Elastician and is not an official Elastic tool. You'd need to ask them how it handles the migration aspects.

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