Esrally - Couldn't find a tar.gz distribution when building from sources

Hello, I have problem in building esrally. After executing command esrally following error output is in terminal:

`Preparing for race (might take a few moments) ...
  Building from sources ...

ERROR: Cannot run benchmark

Reason: Couldn't find a tar.gz distribution.`

Any ideas?

Hi @elastico123,

this happens when Gradle fails to build Elasticsearch. There are two things you should check:

  • Do you have exactly Gradle 2.13? (verify with gradle -version). There is an open ticket in the Elasticsearch repo describing why Gradle 2.14 does not work
  • The second problem that occurs often is that you did not set JAVA_HOME. Can you please check the output of echo $JAVA_HOME? It should point to the home directory of your JDK 8 installation. If not, please set it (ideally in your shell startup file (e.g. .bashrc, .zshrc)

You can also look in Rally's log directory for this race. There should be a build log indicating the problem.